Like many of you, I was touched by the sad news of Leelah Alcorn’s suicide. This is a difficult time for such people (and their family) as it is, and made worse because most of us just don’t know how to handle such things as the coming out of transgender or homosexual people.

Leelah needed love and support, and while love was there, the family and unfortunately “therapists” did not know how to offer support.

This website is my way of lighting a candle in Leelah’s memory. This is my memorial, which I share with you. At the start of 2015 this is big news, and I am happy to see that many are channeling their outrage toward making a change. But as with anything, over time things will cool down, and the news will be on to the next story.

As the real candles burn down, and the crowds begin to disperse, may this virtual candle continue to burn in her memory, and help to remind others who feel alone and outcast that they are not alone. When you can’t find the support from those closest to you, don’t be afraid to seek out the support you need.


" I am so sadden for the lost of this beautiful young lady. I have such a hard time understanding why a parent or therapist would cause a child such pain. I have a grandson who is transgender. I love him no matter what. Please lets stop this hate, let's accept and open our hearts to those that need acceptance. RIP Leelah... "
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